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Franklin Hodge Industries design, manufacture and install a comprehensive range of site-assembled liquid storage tanks, for the storage of fire sprinkler, high quality industrial process and drinking (potable) water.

There are two main types of tank supplied by Franklin Hodge:

  • Cylindrical Storage Tanks: Manufactured from a high-quality 'marine grade' aluminium alloy or high grade zinc coated (galvanised) steel. Cylindrical tanks are available in capacities from 10m3, (10,000 litres/2,200 imperial gallons/2,402 US gallons), to in excess of 5,000m3, (5 million litres/1.1 million imperial gallons/1.32 million US gallons).
  • Rectangular Storage Tanks: Manufactured from the same high-quality aluminium alloy or galvanised steel with a similar capacity range.

Franklin Hodge's range of tanks is fitted with various types of internal membrane liner, which makes them easier and faster to install, more reliable and avoids internal corrosion problems.

Ancillary equipment including support towers, covers, ladders and walk-ways, are also available.

Refurbishment of existing tanks can be undertaken, enabling customers to bring existing water tanks up to current health and safety requirements, saving time and money. A comprehensive tank survey service is available.

Franklin Hodge's range of tanks and the services offered are regularly audited and approved to the following standards or by inspection and approval bodies:

  • BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008: Quality assurance certification for design, manufacture and installation of tanks, refurbishment services and ancillaries.
  • Water Research Advisory Service (UK): Products for the storage of industrial and drinking water.
  • The Loss Prevention Certification Board (UK): Fire protection water storage tanks.
  • Factory Mutual Research Corporation (USA): Fire protection products worldwide.

Since being awarded The Queen's Award for Export Achievement in 1985 and 1995, Franklin Hodge has increased its sales worldwide and now exports more than 50 percent of its products. The company has achieved this success while consolidating its market leading position in the UK.

Company Profile

Reliability, versatility and economy are the hallmarks of Franklin Hodge's considerable success around the globe - three very good reasons why it pays to call us.

Franklin Hodge offers a quality-assured service utilising proven, cost-effective and low-maintenance tank systems. The experience we offer our customers includes more than two decades of work in regions as diverse as the arid Omani desert, the tropics of South East Asia and the typhoon-prone coast of southern China.

Whether it's an aluminium tank supplying drinking water or a fire water reservoir, you can be sure it represents the best liquid storage system money can buy. In fact, every storage tank system is designed to offer not only low capital outlay but also easy installation with the minimum of labour and plant, and minimal future maintenance.

Certificated and continually audited to internationally recognised quality assurance standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008, we are committed to the quality of our products and to the level of service we offer our customers. From the smallest building services project to the largest industrial process water storage tank system, our commitment remains the same. We have the capacity to solve all your water storage problems, world-wide.