Refurbishment of fire tank after almost 20 years of trouble free service.

17 Jun 2015

A Franklin Hodge galvanised steel Firestore tank at the former Seagate computer hard-drive factory in Singapore, now known as the AMK7000 building, has recently been re-lined and re-painted after almost twenty years of trouble free service.  The large capacity, fifteen metre high firewater storage tank provides sprinkler water to what is now a warehouse, formerly a manufacturing unit.  An adjacent, identical tank was successfully refurbished by the Franklin Hodge UK and Singapore teams, in a similar way two years ago. 


Despite being fifteen metres tall and having pipe connections mid way up the tank wall, Franklin Hodge were able to remove the old liner and install a new one in a short time frame.

AMK7000 1 AMK7000 2 AMK7000 3 AMK7000 4 AMK7000 5 AMK7000 6