Franklin Hodge Range of Tank Covers

15 Oct 2015

Franklin Hodge Can Provide Covers for a Range of Tanks

Since 1973, Franklin Hodge Industries have been able to provide covers for a wide range of tanks, not just Franklin Hodge’s range.  Covers for concrete, glass and epoxy coated and welded steel tanks have been supplied and installed in the UK and overseas.

Why choose Franklin Hodge tank covers?  The answer is because:

  • They are straightforward to build, using nut and bolt assembly with no need for specialist tools
  • They are corrosion resistant and provide excellent resistance to dust and rain
  • They can be designed to reduce the output of odours
  • Are clear span up to 21m in diameter, with no internal support columns to worry about
  • A broad range, from flat trough deck to box girder aluminium and conical covers in galvanised and stainless steel and aluminium are available
  • Our tank cover design is adaptable to different climates and environments, including hurricane/typhoon wind and heavy snow loads. We have installed tanks in regions as diverse as Southern China and the high Andes Mountains

As an example of the flexibility of our tank cover designs, we can accommodate:

  • Fittings for probes, cleaning rods and spinning balls
  • Vents of various types; spinning cowl, fixed and screened
  • The fitting of insulation to retain or reject heat
  • Housings for inlet and other control valves on the top of the cover

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