Franklin Hodge Completes Tall & Thin Tank

01 Dec 2015

Franklin Hodge Completes Tall & Thin Tank

At Franklin Hodge Industries we pride ourselves on being able to meet tough design challenges set by our customers. A West Yorkshire pharmaceutical company needed to store almost 600m3 (132,000 imperial gallons/600,000 litres) of water for a fire sprinkler system being installed in their production facility, in as small an area as possible, in order to save space on their factory site.

Franklin Hodge came up with a design for a tank of just under 8.0m in diameter (26ft) and 13.0m (43ft) tall. This would give the required capacity in as small a “footprint” as possible. The challenges were in meeting structural design codes of practice and health and safety regulations, particularly in the design of the access ladder to the outside of the tank. An external access ladder is needed in order to reach the inlet control valve at the top of the tank. A two-stage landing, or rest platform ladder was designed that met the required design codes and complied with health and safety regulations.

Building a tall and narrow tank, with the added complications of installing a two-stage rest platform ladder on the outside then became a challenge for our project management and site installation teams. Thanks to the company’s extensive experience in using hydraulic jacking equipment over many years, in various environments and with a wide range of tank heights and diameters, the tank and the complex ladder were successfully installed, safely and efficiently.

Why choose Franklin Hodge tanks? Because:

  • Our design has been proven over 40 years, worldwide.
  • We meet UK LPCB and US FM approvals for fire water storage tanks and UK WRAS approval for drinking water storage.
  • Our tanks are rapid straightforward to build, using nut and bolt assembly with no need for specialist tools.
  • Our tanks are corrosion resistant and provide excellent resistance to extremes of environment.
  • A broad range, from large diameter and low height, to small diameter and tall tanks are available in galvanised and stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Our tank design is adaptable to different climates and environments, including hurricane/typhoon wind and heavy snow loads. We have installed tanks in regions as diverse as Southern China and the high Andes Mountains of South America.

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