Drinking Water Project Jurong Shipyard Singapore

04 Mar 2013



Operators of one of the largest shipbuilding and repair facilities in the world, based in Singapore, recently placed an order with Franklin Hodge Asia, for the building of four dockside drinking water storage tanks to supply a total of 3,200m3 (704,000 gallons) of drinking water for the provisioning of ships and off shore facilities.  Standard practice in the past was for these tanks to be made from concrete or welded steel, which are slow to build and have long-term maintenance issues affecting the quality of the stored water.  Singapore's Public Utilities Board (PUB), insisted on stainless steel tanks being provided for this project and the customer wanted to install the tanks as quickly as possible.  Working with our customer and the PUB, FHI were able to achieve these objectives by offering a redesign of their membrane lined Liquistore tank replacing the usual galvanised steel or aluminium used for the shell, with a high-grade stainless steel.


FHI's design and contracts team, working closely with sister company Carter Environmental Engineers and their manufacturing team managed successfully to produce a completely new design of tank shell and in particular a new tank cover as a complex kit of parts, in a new material, in a short time frame, all of which successfully fitted together on a site 8,000 miles away!


Four tanks were ordered each of 800m3 (176,000 gallons) capacity, with dimensions of 13m diameter and 6m high.


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