Franklin Hodge Industries welcomes you to the world of reliable and proven site-assembled water tanks. Our water tanks are installed on every continent and in virtually every climatic condition. Franklin Hodge is proud of it's position as a recognised standard for quality in the water tank industry.

What We Do

Franklin Hodge offers a quality-assured service utilising proven, cost-effective and low-maintenance tank systems. The experience we offer our customers includes more than two decades of work in regions as diverse as the arid Omani desert, the tropics of South East Asia and the typhoon-prone coast of southern China.

Whether it's an aluminium tank supplying drinking water or a fire water reservoir, you can be sure it represents the best liquid storage system money can buy. In fact, every storage tank system is designed to offer not only low capital outlay but also easy installation with the minimum of labour and plant, and minimal future maintenance.

Cylindrical Tanks

Using high grade steel sheets (with a galvanised high zinc coating) or 'marine grade' aluminium alloy sheets, Liquistore and Firestore water tanks are bolted together on site with a tailor made internal liner to contain the stored water.

Rectangular Tanks

The tank panels are manufactured from either a high grade steel (with a galvanised high zinc coating) or a 'marine grade' aluminium alloy and are bolted to galvanised steel stanchions or stiffeners. This type of water tank can be designed in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit into awkward spaces.


Franklin Hodge Industries offers a range of tested and approved pump suction anti-vortex plates, suitable for use in fire sprinkler and general waster storage tanks.

Franklin Hodge Industries can offer a comprehensive tank refurbishment service. Where an existing tank shell can be re-used, an effective tailor made service can be offered that will renew the existing installation and provide many years of faithful service. If necessary complete replacement tanks can be provided.

To add to our comprehensive tank inspection service we can offer an internal survey of the tank, where full, using a remote operated submersible camera unit.